Timeless (Cheap Imitation)

Weegee, It’s six o’clock in the morning on the electric clock on top of the Consolidated Edison Company building on Fourteenth Street… I think they have the clock up there to remind the customers to pay their bills, ca. 1945

Artists’ Poster Committee, We Begin Bombing In Five Minutes, 1984

Horace Bristol, [Still life objects (clock, bottom of lamp) in home in former mining boomtown], 1937

Russell Lee, Family on relief, 1941

Lee Sievan, Third Ave. at 35th St., 1940s

Eugène Atget, Berne (Suisse), 1900

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Farewell of servicemen at Pennsylvania Station with famed clock, New York City, March 1943

Inspired by a visit to the amazing Christian Marclay 24-hour video Clock at the Paula Cooper Gallery last winter, I spent the better part of a day searching the archive for 1,440 photographs, representing all 1,440 minutes of a day… not surprisingly I couldn’t find a photo of every minute… nevertheless, here are some highlights, a chronological cheap imitation.
Clock, still timeless, returns to New York City today through August 1.

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