Coney Island

Bruce Davidson, Gang on the Boardwalk at Coney Island, 1959

Garry Winogrand, Coney Island, 1959

Lou Bernstein, Coney Island, 1965

Leon Levinstein, Coney Island, 1966

Madoka Takagi, Coney Island, 1990

For decades, New Yorkers (and photographers) have enjoyed the pleasures of Coney Island: boardwalks, beaches, and culinary delights. Read more about the history of one of New York’s most famous beaches here.

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Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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2 Responses to Coney Island

  1. naguere says:

    Reading for the fourth time Joseph Heller’s book ; Here and there’ about his upbringing in Coney Island, he mentions George Mandel who said of this place:
    ‘If a person did have to grow up in a slum (he used that word ‘slum’ for comic exaggeration ) he could imagine no better one’

    • naguere says:

      Returning to the above post, I now realise that the title of Joseph Heller’s book
      is ‘Now & Then’.

      I have only 20 more pages to go… but then I can read it again.

      If you want to know about Coney Island, read this book.

      Thank you ‘erinbarnett’

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