Undressed Rehearsal

Andrew Savulich, Man confused about spelling of new movie, 1986

Andrew Savulich, Mother and son at voguing ball, 1986

Andrew Savulich, Police prevent woman from jumping off Grand Central Station, 1991

Andrew Savulich, Woman laughing after car wreck, 1989

Andrew Savulich, Man delivering birdseed to sex shop, 1986

To hear Andrew Savulich explain why bird seed is being delivered to a sex shop, click here. He spoke at ICP on February 23, 1994 on the occasion of the exhibition, organized by Charles A. Stainback, Urban Realities: Spot News and Street Photography by Andrew Savulich, March 4-May 8, 1994.

Andrew Sauvlich is still making great photographs that can often be seen in the New York Daily News, like these images:

Andrew Savulich, New York Daily News, January 28, 2010. p. 3

Andrew Savulich, New York Daily News, January 22, 2010. pp. 8-9

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  1. lauraiseli says:

    LOVE these

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