The Capture of Jefferson Davis by the Fourth Michigan Cavalry

George W. Lonsbury, [Benjamin D. Pritchard], ca. 1867

Stansbury & Co., [Benton D. Thurston], ca. 1865

Stansbury & Co., [Johnson Saur], ca. 1865

Stansbury & Co., [Horace Bascome Warner], ca. 1865

Stansbury & Co., [John Sullivan], ca. 1865

The exhibition Presidents in Petticoats! Civil War Propaganda in Photographs, which opens today at ICP, explores the graphic representations of the rumors that Confederate president Jefferson Davis tried to escape capture by disguising himself in women’s clothing. Here are gem tintypes and a carte de visite of Colonel Benjamin D. Pritchard and members of the Fourth Michigan cavalry who captured Davis outside Irwinville, Georgia, on May 10, 1865.

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