Hortensia Nieves

Weegee, “Beaten wife, Mrs. Hortensia Nieves, is helped out of the building at 101 La Salle St., during the fire,” April 20, 1943

According to the Department of Building 101 LaSalle Street was a commercial parking garage on the ground floor in 1941. The building that is closest to 101 LaSalle Street that was residential and had 40 apartments was actually 97 LaSalle Street. On December 11, 1936, the building was certified as a nonfireproof construction and was approved as a Class A Multiple Dwelling.

Hortensia Nieves, also known as Tencha, passed away on July 28, 2010 after a battle with cancer.  She was a member of the New Venture Christian Fellowship church. She was one of ten children of the late Vicente Ledesma and Carmen Ledesma, and was the wife of Richard Nieves for 56 years.  She is survived by her children, Ricky (Kelli), Nancy, and Becky; and grandchildren, Vanessa (Todd), Staci, Rebecca, Peter, and Richie.

According to her obituary, “Tencha loved spending time with family, shopping, traveling, going to garage sales, and more than an occasional trip to the casino.”

Michi Jigarjian, ICP-Bard MFA 2012

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One Response to Hortensia Nieves

  1. Jim says:

    According to an April 1945 news article in the New York newspaper PM, the fire was started by her husband, who set fire to a mattress, after becoming enraged during an argument.

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