The Faces and Environments of Art and Their Makers

Kurt E. Fishback, Cornell Capa, 1982

Kurt E. Fishback, Chuck Close, 1982

Kurt E. Fishback, André Kertész, 1982

A studio, traditionally viewed as a place for the teaching and study of art, should be considered amongst the most intimate of an artist’s spaces. It is telling, in many respects, of the influences, desires, and creative processes of a given individual—in essence, they are places that invariably foster the conceptual and/or physical development of ideas. Rarely, however, does the public gain access to such spaces. Kurt Edward Fishback (American, b. 1942) has seemingly achieved the impossible by capturing a world that—for all intents—has remained largely invisible in the history of art. These photographs not only offer a glimpse at the faces behind the work, but the spaces these photographers and artists have essentially made their homes.


About Emily Korn

I’m a freelance photographer living and working out of New York City. I specialize in music, tour, and red carpet photography. I am available for both national and international assignments. Please feel free to contact me with any/all inquiries at
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One Response to The Faces and Environments of Art and Their Makers

  1. Hello Emily, It was very nice to happen onto your post today containing three of my photographs and your very kind and insightful words. I would love to talk with you further if possible. My email address is below.

    Peace… KURT

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