Where’s Weegee?! Smash-up Edition

Three car crashes. Very few clues. Does anyone recognize the location of these fender-manglers? Leave a comment or email espindel (at) icp.org!

Weegee, Crash, 1942-44
Maybe Tudor City?
Weegee, [Car crash], 1940s
Weegee, Girl jumped out of car, and was killed, on Park Avenue, ca. 1938
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2 Responses to Where’s Weegee?! Smash-up Edition

  1. Bonny says:

    The first one could be on Waverly place?
    The second one could be 19th avenue and either 9th or 10th ave near the seminary according to my boyfriend, Mark Gross.
    He was also wondering if that was Julia Richmond in the first photo. Hope this helps.

  2. Katrink says:

    The second one looks to me like 16th Street in Brooklyn, just west of 10th Avenue.

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