Where’s Weegee?!

Here at ICP we’re full-on in preparation for our upcoming Weegee exhibition. As part of that preparation, we’ve been working hard to identify the precise location where several of Weegee’s photographs were taken. For a few of these, though, we seem to have hit a wall in our research. So we’ve decided to open it up and see if we can’t crowd-source the location of a few of these murders, accidents, fires, and other miscellaneous street scenes.

First up: THE WORLD GOES NUTS! No amount of directory research has helped us locate this amazing old store. Do you recognize it? Or maybe the loan company on the second floor? Are you seeing a clue that we’re missing?

Weegee, [The World Goes Nuts], ca. 1943. © Weegee/International Center of Photography

Next: MEN CROSSING THE STREET! These handsome young gents are, without a doubt, crossing a street. But which street? And don’t they seem a bit TOO handsome? One of our researchers thinks she recognizes several of these men as character actors from the pictures. Could they be on a film set? A couple of clues: (1) the sign in the background reading “Brooklyn Sales Rooms Furniture” with the building number 45, (2) the trolley tracks on the street. Does anyone recognize these fellas or their location?

Weegee, [Men crossing the street], ca. 1945 © Weegee/International Center of Photography

If you have any ideas about either of these photos, leave a comment or email espindel (at) icp.org. Many thanks!

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1 Response to Where’s Weegee?!

  1. Chris says:

    The guy on the right looks like Claude Akins.

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