Pearl Harbor

Movietone News, “When ‘Arizona’s’ magazines exploded there was a roar that could be heard for miles. Then she was still,” December 7, 1941

Kelso Daly, “Brought from his bed by the thunder of exploding bombs, this pajama-clad islander has rushed out on his terrace to scan with binculars smoke-swept scene. Back and forth Jap planes roared, while at Pearl Harbor other bombs were falling from other planes,” December 6, 1941

PM, December 8, 1941, pp. 28-19

George Strock, “Brooklyn Navy Yard workers, volunteering for service at Pearl Harbor, are told goodby by their commandant,” 1942

Hansel Mieth, F.B.I. agent interrogating a Japanese woman in San Francisco immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941

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Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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  1. These are great Erin! That one from the Brooklyn Navy Yard we think was taken in front of the old Marine Barracks. It was part of a complex designed by one of the architects of the capitol, Thomas Ustick Walter. Our new visitor’s center, BLDG 92, was also a part of that complex.

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