Gold (in Silver), Part 1

Richard Tepe, Goldfasan Hahn (Gold Pheasant Hen), ca. 1910-40

Voila, “La guerre de l’or,” December 7, 1935

Weegee, “Charged with murdering his wife, Abraham Gold…”, November 22, 1944

“Charged with murdering his wife, Abraham Gold was arraigned yesterday… and held with out bail for hearing Nov. 28. Gold, 44, a paint store employee, is said to have admitted dousing his wife, Bella, with a mixture of carbolic acid and kerosene Monday and touching a match to her in their apartment [in] Brooklyn. Mrs. Gold died late Monday afternoon”
PM, November 22, 1944, p. 16

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sale of gold in the last days of the Kuomintang, Shanghai, China, 1949

As the value of the paper money sank, the Kuomintang decided to distribute 40 grams of gold per person. With the gold rush, in December 1949, thousands came out and waited in line for hours. The police equipped with the remnants of the armies of the International Concession, made only a gesture toward maintaining order. Ten people were crushed to death.

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