Façades, at Odds

Brett Weston, Reflections, New York, 1971

Brett Weston, Apartment Windows with Wrought Iron Gate, New York, 1944

Brett Weston, Two Windows with Ivy, New York, ca. 1945

Brett Weston, Hanging Leaves and Ground Cover, Bronx Botanical Garden, 1945

Brett Weston, Lichen Covered Rock with Viny Succulent, ca. 1950

Brett Weston (American, 1911-1993), son of the renowned American photographer Edward Weston (1886-1958), explores the relationships between spaces and planes flawlessly throughout his corpus of work. At times, context is avoided in favor of ambiguity and eventually certain works begin to transform across dimensions. Simply put, Weston’s photography has the ability to synthesize nature and naturalize the synthetic–truly, and completely, altering our perception of the world around us.


About Emily Korn

I’m a freelance photographer living and working out of New York City. I specialize in music, tour, and red carpet photography. I am available for both national and international assignments. Please feel free to contact me with any/all inquiries at emily@iturnmycanonon.com.
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