Shadows and Graves, New York City

Rudy Burckhardt, Flatiron Building, 1948

Rudy Burckhardt, Astor Place, 1948

Rudy Burckhardt, Singer Building, New York, 1948

Rudy Burckhardt (American, born Switzerland, 1914–1999), known for his city and urban photography, captured a series of aerial views of New York in 1948. These images look vaguely familiar but they are eerie reminders of a landscape which, for all intents, is constantly shifting and adapting to its inhabitants. Where some images are shadows of our past, outlining familiar shapes and streets, others are ghostly windows into an unfamiliar cityscape (demolished, remolded, and forgotten in time). These images, and subsequent ones formed in both our minds and on film, act as constant reminders of a city that will always live up to its self-proclaimed newness.


About Emily Korn

I’m a freelance photographer living and working out of New York City. I specialize in music, tour, and red carpet photography. I am available for both national and international assignments. Please feel free to contact me with any/all inquiries at
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