Fated Bonds

Herbert Mason
Great Dome of St. Paul’s cathedral surrounding by burning city of London during major incendiary bomb attack by Nazis, 1940–41

Robert Capa
[British surgical unit working in an operating room set up in a church, Maiori, Italy], September 19, 1943

Robert Capa
[Interior of rubble-filled church, Normandy], June–July 1944

Robert Capa
[Two soldiers in a hospital set up in a church, Maiori, Italy], September 19, 1943

Ben Shahn
Church in Louisiana, October 1935

W. Eugene Smith, American
[Maude examining pregnant woman in screened area in church, others waiting-overview], 1951

William Charles Brett
[Remains of Mount Zion Baptist Church after race riot, Tulsa, Oklahoma], June 1, 1921

W. Eugene Smith
Soldier and Nurse in Leyte Cathedral, WWII, November 1944

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3 Responses to Fated Bonds

  1. An amazing collection. That first one is stunningly haunting or hauntingly stunning–not sure which.

  2. PC says:

    The John Topham photo looks an awful lot like the one by Herbert Mason (see http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic-art/79855/145130/), which made it to the front page of the Daily Mail. Was Mason not the only photographer who shot from this vantage point? Did Topham work for another newspaper?

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