Beauty Knows No Pain

Elliott Erwitt, recipient of the 2011 ICP Infinity Lifetime Achievement Award and featured artist in ICP’s upcoming exhibition, has also worn the hat of film director. One of his early films, Beauty Knows No Pain (1972), is a short documentary about a group of Texas cheerleaders, the Kilgore Rangerettes.

Funny and engaging in the lightly sardonic style typical of Erwitt’s stills, the 1971 film follows the highs and lows of the cheerleaders’ try-out process. This film is one of more than 2000 films and videos by and about photographers in ICP’s time-based media collection. Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best will be on view at ICP from May 20 to August 28, 2011.

Please enjoy this compilation of clips from the film.

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1 Response to Beauty Knows No Pain

  1. Mom says:

    Get ready to hear Gussie Nell’s voice. Precious memory!

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