A Look Back on the Salvadoran Civil War

Harry Mattison, Neighborhood known as “La Fosa” (The Grave), San Salvador, February 1980

Now nearly thirty years after the commencement of the Salvadoran Civil War and more than a year since the election of Mauricio Funes (the first member of the F.M.L.N. leftist party to be elected in El Salvador since 1989), El Salvador still faces difficulties in economic growth, polarization of their people, violence, and drug trafficking. Change is never immediate.

A look back on the Salvadoran Civil War through pictures shows the damage done damage with which the people of El Salvador are still coping.

John Hoagland, El Playon, well-known location where bodies of the “disappeared” are often found, Sonsonate, 1980

John Hoagland, American Civilians flee as guerrillas burn trucks on the coastal highway, Usulután, 1980–83

Eli Reed, Missing Persons Families looking for “disappeared” relatives in the “Book of Missing,” Human Rights Commission Office, San Salvador, 1982

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3 Responses to A Look Back on the Salvadoran Civil War

  1. Sheela says:

    It breaks my heart beyond words to think that this happened at all & to think that U.S. taxpayer dollars funded it. We need to make ourselves more responsible for what is going on in the world and not just be concerned with out comforts. Peace!

  2. Daniela says:

    As the daughter of a first generation immigrant, my mother lived through the Salvadoran civil war and it was the Guerrillas that did more damage and destruction to the Salvador people than the Ejercito. Please do your research.

  3. Mariposa says:

    Peasants just were trying to defend themselves and their rights. They were being abused and exploited by the oligachy of fourteen families who didn’t care if peasants were starving. Revolutionaries had no other choice but to start the war. Death squads cut off men’s testicles, and ripped of arms and legs of UES students.The Salvadoran Army was ruthles and Satanic they put rats in “comunist” women’s vaginas, they violated and killed the American nuns , peasant women young or elder and little children. In canton El Mozote, more than eight hundred peasants , mostly women and children where slaughtered , babies were burned in wood fired ovens. Roberto D’abuisson ordered to murder Mons. Oscar Arnulfo Romero. They killed the Jesuits. They did so many horrible things to the people my country . They killed most of the brilliant people this country has ever had. It’s a pity that so called “american” (born from immimgrant salvadoreanparents) don’t have any idea or they just don’t know the history of El Salvador which has been written in blood. Before talking, inform yourself about the history of My country. Those pictures above show and are NOTHING compared to the horrors we have gone trough. PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR!!!

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