It’s National Puppy Day!

Martin Munkacsi, [Dog market, England], 1932

Weegee, “Up at the Dixie Rose A.C. at Broome and Mulberry St., a neighborhood social club in the heart of Little Italy Dixie Girl gave birth to a litter of seven pups on the pool table. Dixie Girl is reputedly a mixture of Belgian police dog and black Spitz. In honor of 32 club members now in service, listed on sign in background, other members have voted to give pups as mascots to Army camps. “V for Victory” here was posed with pups one day old,”August 2, 1942

Robert Capa, [Soldier with dog in helmet, Tunisia], March-April 1943

Weegee, Ritz, a puppy belonging to William Kinsman, was one of the causalities of the two-alarm blaze at 157 W. 74th St. yesterday. Noticing the dog had a broken leg, a fireman wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the street, February 1, 1944

David Douglas Duncan, Christmas in Korea – Completely exhausted, a Marine sleeps at wheel of his halted jeep while his pet Korean puppy whines in his ear, 1950

March 23 is National Puppy Day: a good excuse to publish puppy photos… (Of course everyday is cat day.)

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1 Response to It’s National Puppy Day!

  1. Darren says:

    “Every day is cat day”… true!

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