The New Year Brings Hope…

Weegee, “Tavern of ground floor of burning building at 80 Greenwich St. is shelter for firemen overcome by smoke New Year’s Eve. Customers also had a hot time,” 1945

Weegee, “For a Happier 1945… To her and to millions… the New Year brings hope,” 1945

Weegee, “Mrs. Anna Sheehan… accused as murderess”, January 8, 1937

Mrs. Anna Sheehan, a 27 year old mother of three, was held for stabbing her husband, Joseph Sheehan. On the way to friend’s party, couple argued over $2 taken out of the family budget for a New Year’s Eve celebration. The argument continued at the kitchen of the friend’s house. Joseph Sheehan threatened his wife with a broken bottle and Anna Sheehan picked up a knife and her husband accidentally fell against it.

Weegee, “New Year’s at 5 in the morning in a night club, I found this 3 year old with his parents welcoming the New Year with milk,” 1943

Weegee, New Years, Stuyvesant Casino, ca. 1945

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