Gum, an Agent to Share or Solitaire

I was watching this vintage Beech-Nut gum commercial from the 1950s that shows two men discovering a treasure chest of gum, and it reminds me how much gum is an agent of innovation, with new things to discover about it always on the horizon. It seems like every time you go to the local bodega there’s always a new kind to choose from, new flavors like “mango smoothie “or “bubblemint,”center-filled gums, layered gum…and it doesn’t stop there. Evidently gum-makers are finding a way of making the Willy Wonka ever-changing flavor gum a reality. But even with all the choices, it’s still up to you to decide what you want to do with it…

Share it:

T.W. Ingersoll, One Stick of Gum for Two, 1898

Pull it:

Lou Bernstein, NY City, 1952

Blow a bubble with it:

Weegee, Girls watching a movie, Palace Theater, 1943

Weegee, [Woman blowing a bubble], ca. 1956

The possibilities are endless!

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