Portrait by Katy Grannan

Katy Grannan, Kamika, near Route 9, Poughkeepsie, NY, 2003, from Sugar Camp Road

To find subjects for several series, American portrait photographer Katy Grannan placed ads in local newspapers: “Art Models. Artist/Photographer (female) seeks people for portraits. No experience necessary. Leave msg.” After talking with the potential sitters, Grannan would meet them in their homes or, for the Sugar Camp Road series, a public park. The sitters chose their clothes and their pose and Grannan composed the photograph.

If you answered the ad, what would your resulting portrait reveal?

About erinbarnett

Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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1 Response to Portrait by Katy Grannan

  1. M. Foye says:

    A sign: “Not appearing in this picture.”

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