Shiihara Osamu

Shiihara Osamu, Untitled, 1930s

Shiihara Osamu was born in 1905 in Osaka City, Japan. From 1928 to 1932 he studied painting at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, now the National University of Fine Arts and Music. After his graduation in the early 1930s, Shiihara started to experiment with photography and became a member of the Tampei Photography Club. The avant-garde work that the group of amateur photographers, including Shiihara, exhibited in 1932 attracted considerable attention: these images showed a radical shift away from the more traditional art photography displayed in the group’s 1931 debut show. Together with the Naniwa Photography Club, Tampei Photography Club became the driving force for avant-garde photography in western Japan with works showing elements of both Surrealism and Realism.

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