Her Blood Stained Every Stone of the Pyramid!

David (Chim) Seymour, Joan Collins, Land of the Pharaohs, 1955

Pharaoh Cheops (Jack Hawkins): [referring to the jewels in his treasure trove] You wish to know how they were won or where they came from?
Princess Nellifer (Joan Collins): No, only to see it and to feel it.
Pharaoh Cheops: Just like a woman!
Princess Nellifer: Would you change me, Sire?
Pharaoh Cheops: No! No, never!
Princess Nellifer: Feels almost soft –like something to be caressed. Only gold feels that way.

The movie that Howard Hawks made (directed and produced) after Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), featuring a ravishing twenty-two-year-old Joan Collins (with writing credit given partially to William Faulkner), was Land of the Pharaohs (1955). An advertising film poster boasted that Land of the Pharaohs was “Spectacularly filmed in Egypt with a cast of 11,500, by the largest location crew ever sent abroad from Hollywood.”

Although the flick was a flop, fortunately Chim was there; Chim photographed the Cinemascope epic with Kodachrome. Several hundred pristine 35mm slides remain.

After Chim published several stories on Gina Lollobrigida (including striking Life and Look covers – the Life cover can be seen here) he was asked to photograph other budding stars, including Kim Novak, Audrey Hepburn, and Joan Collins. (Chim’s favorite subject was Ingrid Bergman.) A year before his death in Egypt, Chim was very busy photographing movie stars and starlets for the eight-year-old Magnum.

(Quotes from IMDB)

Hamar (Alex Minotis): You must give the order, your Majesty.
Princess Nellifer (Joan Collins): The order is given.
[a priest walks around the pharaoh’s sarcophagus breaking the clay pots which will release the sand and set the sealing of the pyramid in motion]
Hamar: It is done, your Majesty.
Princess Nellifer: Then I Nellifer am now Queen of Egypt and I now order…
[she pauses listening to a distant sound]
Princess Nellifer: What is this?
Hamar: The tomb is being sealed, your Majesty.
Princess Nellifer: NO! Show me the way out! I command you; show me the way out!
Hamar: There’s no way out. This is what you lied and schemed and murdered to achieve! THIS is your kingdom!
Princess Nellifer: No, no, no.
[she sobs uncontrollably]
Princess Nellifer: I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die; Please help me!
[she collapses on the floor of the burial chamber]

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