Photographers Photographing Photographers

Juergen Teller, Marc Jacobs advertising campaign S/S 07, William Eggleston with Charlotte Rampling, 2007

I’ve always wondered what this shoot was like.  Had William Eggleston heard of Juergen Teller before showing up that day or did he know of him beforehand?  Was Teller as excited/scared as I would have been when he was asked to photograph such an important person?  Did Eggleston take his own pictures of Teller?  Was the room filled with technical talk of ISO, shutter speeds, and lenses?  Did they give each other suggestions?  Is that vodka in his glass?

The photographic exchange is always interesting when it is one photographer photographing another.  It is the creators chance to become the muse, to take a break and have some fun. As a photographer, it is always a liberating experience to be in front of someone else’s camera.  I hope it was for Eggelston too.


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One Response to Photographers Photographing Photographers

  1. Leifheit says:

    This could be interesting for you:
    It’s a germann interview with Jürgen Teller, where he talks about how he met William Eggleston.

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