Dope! The Menace of the Living Dead

Unidentified Photographer, Dope! The Menace of the Living Dead, 1930s

Carl Mydans, Opium Den, Singapore, 1941

Bill Eppridge, [Karen, a drug addict, using a hypodermic needle on an eyedropper or “spike” to shoot up with heroin], 1965

Larry Clark, Untitled, from the “Tulsa” series, 1971

Brenda Ann Kenneally, Zhurrie holds her baby sister while her mother, the baby’s father and friend smoke “trees,” marijuana, in the bathroom, from the “Money Power Respect: Pictures from My Neighborhood” series, 2001

About erinbarnett

Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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5 Responses to Dope! The Menace of the Living Dead

  1. eva truffaut says:

    i’ve been unable so far to find a proper good link for Bill Eppridge , could you indicate me a good link ?

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  3. Tempest says:

    First off, this is such a wonderful post. The images are striking, and heartbreaking.

    Bill– I’m fascinated by your image. It feels extremely intimate, even more so than the others. There is a voyeuristic quality to all of them, but because of your closeness to the subject, and the cropping of the image, it has an oddly tender feeling to it. It’s not judgmental, but neither is it objective.

    Really fascinating. I would love to know the story behind it, but the image speaks volumes on its own.

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