Shelby Lee Adams was recently awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship

Shelby Lee Adams, Chester and His Hounds, Delphia, 1992

Shelby Lee Adams, Best with Guitar, 1992

Shelby Lee Adams, Hooterville Little Church, 1991

Shelby Lee Adams, Jacob Girls on Porch, 1987

Friends and neighbors: Shelby Lee Adams was recently awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, in its in its eighty-sixth year, to assist research and artistic creation.

An large excerpt from Adams’ artist’s statement:

Every summer, traveling through the mountains photographing, I am somehow able to renew and relive my childhood… The eyes of my subjects reveal a kindness and curiosity, and their acceptance of me is gratifying. For me, this is rejuvenation of the spirit of time past, and I am better for the experience each time it happens. These portraits are, in a way, self-portraits that represent a long autobiographical exploration of creativity, imagination, vision, repulsion, and salvation. My greatest fear as a photographer is to look into the eyes of my subject and not see my own reflection.

My work has been an artist search for a deeper understanding of my heritage and myself, using photography as a medium and the Appalachian people as collaborators with their own desires to communicate. I hope, too, that viewers will see in these photographs something of the abiding strength and resourcefulness and dignity of the mountain people.

In the fall of 1994 ICP exhibited: Appalachian Portraits: Photographs by Shelby Lee Adams

Shelby’s blog can be seen here.

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One Response to Shelby Lee Adams was recently awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship

  1. Superb! – A Guggenheim well-deserved.

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