Cheery Blossoms in Japan, ca. 1890

“This is the smaller Taiko-bashi (Sori-bashi) located in front of the Romon (Sakura Gate) on the right. The Wisteria Festival of Kameido Tenjin Shrine held from mid-April to mid-May every year is a harbinger of summer. There are many other events held at the shrine. The parents of young children release carp into Shinji Pond during the Shichi-Go-San Festival on November 15 to pray for the healthy growth of their children. Masaoka shiki wrote the haiku poem: “Sori-bashi, the wisteria are purple and carp red.”

“It is said to be the work of Tamamura Kozaburo (1856-?), a resident of Yokohama during the Meiji Period who identified himself as a ‘photographer and retailer of photographic prints.’ His shop was located at Benten-dori 1-chome (present-day Naka Ward, Yokohama City). A wooden torii gate is visible on the right. The red building on the left is Wakamiya, indicating that the building above it is the Jogu cloister. The riding trail said to have surrounded the pond during the Meiji Period is not evident in this photograph.

Kozaburo Tamamura, [Travel album of Japan], ca. 1880–90.

K. Tamamura’s
albumen photos made for
Charles Tiffany

Travel album with
fifty prints: landscapes, people,
perfectly perfect

Famous scenes, landscapes,
Kozaburo or Kihei?
Meiji Japan lives

Widely popular
Tamamura Photo-shop,
In Yokohama

Wisteria blooms,
painted albumen photos,
cherry blossoms pink

Birds on the borders,
hand tinted albumen prints,
before Kodachrome

egg whites and silver nitrate,
Why not pointillist?

Inlaid lacquer, black
animals and Tiffany,
a praying mantis

End of the 19th
century, a souvenir,
another page turns

Great website about
old Japanese photographs
Nagasaki U.

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