Just War

Catherine Leroy, Corpsman in Anguish, 1967

Catherine Leroy, Corpsman in Anguish, 1967

Catherine Leroy, [American soldiers in battle, Vietnam], 1967

Catherine Leroy, [American soldiers in battle, Vietnam], 1967

Just war
Just peace…

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3 Responses to Just War

  1. Bob Hankamp says:

    I was on hill 881. I met Cathy. She was a very courageous woman. I think of her every time I look at my Life mags. I’m sorry to hear she passed away. Semper Fi. Bob

    • MARIS philippe says:

      I’m a French man , 54 year’s old. I have a great respect for the Vietnam ‘s veterans and all the second war II veterans also. We had a free life in France and liberty because some young mens come in Normandy ,I know that for ever….
      The second time I travel across the USA in 2008, we visit with my wife and my daughters The Vietnam Memorial in Washington , Ellipse and Arlington on the Mall . Excuse my english is not very good , but I try to say you I’m very impressed by the Marine’s courage during these battles in Vietnam and in evry country . When we had travel in Vietnam , I think a lot about all the young americans like you which came in the sixties in Hué , Ke Shan and in others place…You are great
      Philippe MARIS
      Le Mans

  2. Brienne says:

    Any thoughts about all the young frenchmen who fought in Vietnam too in the fifties more or less for the same reason the american did? Ah là là mon pauvre Philippe toujours cette espèce d’auto-flagellation et de mièvrerie bien française. Avant de vous apitoyer sur le sort de ces braves Marines que ne le fîtes vous sur celui de vos compatriotes qui se battirent en Indochine pendant près de dix ans…

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