Who’s That Girl?

Nikki S. Lee, The Hispanic Project (25), 1998

Nikki S. Lee, The Ohio Project (7), 1999

Nikki S. Lee, The Yuppie Project (14), 1998

In her body of work Projects, Nikki S. Lee immerses herself into various subcultures, transforming her physical body to appear socially acceptable within those specific environments. Each victorious metamorphosis is captured through snapshots. Moving beyond costumes and acting, the Projects concept stands on the cusp of a photography project and an anthropological venture.

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2 Responses to Who’s That Girl?

  1. melissadarby says:

    If you happen to have anymore information about this photographer, or useful books/ articles, that would be great. I’m studying her for a Major project, check out my post 🙂

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