Un homme dans l’espace! The Painter Throws Himself into the Void!






Yves Klein, Dimanche, November 27, 1960 (photo by Harry Shunk)

From the Yves Klein Archive:

November 27: during the “Festival of Avant-Garde Art” in Paris, Yves Klein published Dimanche, four pages presented in the format of the Sunday edition of the Paris daily newspaper France-Soir. On page one, the photograph of the Saut dans le vide entitled Un homme dans l’espace! Le peintre de l’espace se jette dans le vide (A man in space! The painter of space throws himself into the void).
By presenting Sunday, November 27, 1960, from 0:00 to 24:00, I present a holiday, a veritable spectacle of the void, at the culminating point of my theories. However, any other day of the week could have been used. The theater of operations for this conception of theater that I propose is not only the city, Paris, but also the country, the desert, the mountains, the very sky, and even the entire universe, why not?

Google Street view of approximate location of where Yves Klein leaped into the void.

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