Atget, Archivist of Paris

Eugène Atget, [39, rue de Paris, Houdan], 1908

Eugène Atget, [Hôtel de Choisy, 8, rue de Barbette, Paris], 1901

Eugène Atget, [Balcony railing, 15, rue de Petit Pont, Paris], 1913

Eugène Atget, [Ornamental ironwork, Collégiale Notre Dame, Dammartin-en-Goële], 1921

Eugène Atget, [Door knocker, Hôtel de Chateaubriand, 120, rue de Bac, Paris], 1902–03

Twenty-six vintage prints by the celebrated French photographer Eugène Atget—drawn from the ICP permanent collection—will be on view in our galleries starting this Friday, January 29 in Atget, Archivist of Paris.

Surrealists such as Man Ray were fascinated by Atget’s images of dreamlike urban spaces. As this exhibition reveals, such photographs were part of a much larger body of work that reflected Atget’s systematic documentation of the historic streets, buildings, and artifacts of Old Paris.

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2 Responses to Atget, Archivist of Paris

  1. Andy Cohen says:

    OMG! Love Atget! So wish I could get to see this show?

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