Milton Rogovin is 100!

Milton Rogovin, Family of Miners, France, 1981

Milton Rogovin, Family of Miners, Appalachia, 1981

Milton Rogovin, Family of Miners, Germany, 1984

On Wednesday, December 30, 2009, social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin turned 100!

Among Milton Rogovin’s many, many accomplishments include being the recipient of the prestigious 1983 W. Eugene Smith Award for Documentary Photography

His award from the W. Eugene Smith Fund allowed him to complete his expansive Family of Miners series. Rogovin’s initial work took him to Appalachia, where he photographed the devastated landscape, mine communities and women miners at work and at home. With his wife and collaborator, Anne Rogovin, they photographed in ten nations including China, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Cuba and France.

and ICP’s Infinity Cornell Capa award in 2007.

Milton Rogovin spoke at ICP on March 23, 1994; to hear Milton, click here…
(then click on audio, then click on 94)

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