This decade is the warmest on record…


New York World Pictures, “”Too many automobiles for New York’s crowded streets,” January 16, 1916
West Forty-second Street from Sixth Avenue – Hardly Room to Move. Photo by Curtis
West Forty-second Street from Fifth Avenue – Trolleys blocked by Machines. N.Y. World Photo
At Fifth Avenue and 38th Street 124,250 Pedestrians and 15, 460 Vehicles Meet Each Day. N.Y. World Photo
At Lafayette and Bleecker Streets 16,412 Vehicles of all Sorts Pass Each Day. Photo by Curtis
Where Thirty-fourth Street Crosses Fifth Avenue the Traffic Police are Kept Busy During the Daytime Hours. Curtis

NASA, The Glorious Walk in the Cosmos, 1965

New York Post, “We’re Screwed,” September 21, 2009

According to a high tech study commissioned by a concerned Mayor Bloomberg and generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, climate change caused by human-created greenhouse gases is threatening the health, livelihood and security of New Yorkers—especially those who take the subway to work.

The New York City Panel on Climate Change, led by an elite team of NASA scientists and climate experts from Columbia, CUNY and Rutgers, has concluded that unless carbon emissions are drastically reduced all over the world, New York faces dangerous increases in temperature (up to 7.5 degrees), extreme weather (hurricanes and intense storms) and sea level rise (as much as 4.5 feet).

On the personal level, we need to drive less, and use bikes and public transport instead. We need to buy local food at farmers’ markets instead of stuff flown halfway across the world, and we need to make sure local farmers have all the incentives they need to sell food to us cheaply. And of course we need to produce our own energy by installing solar panels on top of our buildings, so that we stop using coal-produced electricity (we’ll save money besides). But MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need to put pressure on government—local, state and federal—to convert our entire energy systems to sustainable sources like solar and wind.

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