John F. Kennedy Scrapbook


Unidentified artist, [John F. Kennedy Scrapbook], ca. 1968

Befitting its subject (Jack and Jackie) this handsome and rather large (16.5″ x 18.5″ x 2.5″ and about 200 pages) album is full of meticulously and artistically arranged images from media (magazines like Life, Time, and TV Guide) by an unfortunately unidentified artist…

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3 Responses to John F. Kennedy Scrapbook

  1. Oh, Isn’t that nice and crisp. Thanks! As many photography folks know, I made a similar find, though of a more dicey manner, what I’m calling Gals Gams Garters.
    Since I donated a large piece of my collection to the ICP recently, I hope you all won’t mind me shilling it. My scrapbook was 80 pages of legs…women’s legs all from sleazy 50’s fetish men’s mags and taped on the page. I liked it so much I self-published it into a book. The story is at
    and there is a nifty software “page turning” program showing the first 15 pages at Please do have a look…no one is buying it anyway, but the whole concept is fascinating, and I was pleased to something found in a dumpster 50 years ago put back into a book! Thanks!
    Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

    • christophergeorge says:

      Gal Gams Garters looks Good Great Gorgeous. (As does Ssssh!) And it’s reasonably priced. I’ll buy one ASAP. Does it come with a CD? Looking forward to more Vic Minx titles…

  2. terea says:

    Fascinating collages.

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