The Oxford University Press word of the year for 2009 is unfriend…

Weegee, This was a friendly game of Bocci, ca. 1939
“It was a friendly game of Bocci, an Italian game very popular on the East Side and played on empty lots. An argument started and one of the players was shot and killed.”
Weegee, Naked City, 1945

Weegee, “Mrs. Anna Sheehan… accused as murderess”, January 8, 1937

Mrs. Anna Sheehan, a 27 year old mother of three, was held for stabbing her husband, Joseph Sheehan. On the way to friend’s party, couple argued over $2 taken out of the family budget for a New Year’s Eve celebration. The argument continued at the kitchen of the friend’s house. Joseph Sheehan threatened his wife with a broken bottle and Anna Sheehan picked up a knife and her husband accidentally fell against it.

Weegee, James Hazzard, ca. 1940
“James Hazzard, Playboy grandson, of Lillian Russell, arrested in Bath Tub murder of his friend, Thomas Martinez, at Kew Gardens,” written in pencil on verso

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