Gillian Laub – Testimony


Gillian Laub, Madelaine and her Brother, Akko, Israel, 2005

In her 2007 book Testimony, Jewish American photographer Gillian Laub documents Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, displaced Lebanese families, and Palestinians, all effected by the Arab-Israeli conflict. These pictures are coupled with the subjects’ thoughts on how they live with the terror of war.  Despite the ongoing conflict, there is a strong sense of optimism and resilience in their words. including those of Madelaine (pictured above):

I am eighteen years old, and live at home with my mother, father, and five siblings. I love Akko because it is on the water and a mix of many different people live here; Arabs and Jews live together in peace and brotherhood. Maybe the sea helps people feel more calm and peaceful. My two best friends are Jewish and they treat me like a sister, not an enemy. They are going to the army next year. I will do my civil service (Muslims can’t serve in the Israeli army) in a children’s day care. I love children, and I love listening to romantic and classical music. I hate the war in Israel and I would like to live in peace in the future. I believe it’s possible.

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