Amateur Lumière Autochromes by John B. Trevor

John B. Trevor, Automobile on road, France, ca. 1907 (earliest known Trevor Autochrome)

John B. Trevor, Frenchman’s Bay, Maine, ca. 1908-1912

John B. Trevor, Butterfly collection of a Russian friend, ca. 1910

John B. Trevor, Unidentified plant form, ca. 1910

John B. Trevor, Caroline Trevor, (the photographer’s wife), ca. 1910

John B. Trevor, Emily Winthrop, ca. 1910

John B. Trevor, Unidentified family friend (possibly Teresa Fabbri), ca. 1914

John B. Trevor, Caroline Trevor, (wife of photographer at Trevor residence, 11 E. 91st Street), ca. 1919

John B. Trevor (1878–1956) was an enthusiastic amateur photographer and a New York lawyer. Trevor was vacationing in France in June 1907 when, fortunately and coincidentally, Autochrome plates first became commercially available. Trevor photographed his family and friends (often illuminated by flash powder), flowers, landscapes, and objects from his art collection, including Oriental rugs and Chinese vases…

The Autochrome process in a nutshell: Autochromes were invented by Auguste and Louis Lumière. Autochrome plates were first patented in 1903, presented to the Academy of Science in 1904, and mass produced in Lyons, beginning in 1907. Each Autochrome is a unique color positive produced with millions of microscopic potato starch grains dyed orange-red, green, and violet-blue adhered to a varnished glass plate and coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion. The plates were relatively easy to use and the average exposure time was one second. The pointillistic potato particles are pitch-perfect and appealingly pleasant as pixels…

The Lumière Musuem and Library’s Autochrome web site.
Cool Autochromes from the George Eastman house can be seen on Flickr…
The Library of Congress has an Autochrome page…

I identified two of these images incorrectly. The photographer’s great-grandson, Bronson Trevor III, corrected my mistakes. And called our attention to two more online exhibitions of images made by John B. Trevor:
one on Flickr
and another on Picasa

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3 Responses to Amateur Lumière Autochromes by John B. Trevor

  1. Some truly very fine portraits. Are there more autochromes of J.B.Trevor somewhere on the web?
    Interested in Belgian autochromists?

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  3. chris benham says:

    just fabulous

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