Sing, Sing, Sing: King of Swing Centennial

This year is the centennial of Benny Goodman’s birth. Benny was born May 30, 1909 and died June 15, 1986.

A few of Benny Goodman’s many accomplishments include recording with Bessie Smith in 1933; recording with Billie Holiday in November and December 1933; leading a racially integrated band in April 1935 (a trio with the great pianist Teddy Wilson and Gene Krupa); the dynamic and still exciting Carnegie Hall concert of January 16, 1938; and the honor of being the subject of Weegee’s photographs, including many distorted caricatures…

Benny Goodman’s discography can be heard in chronological order, for the about 357 hours, on the radio station from Columbia University, 89.9 FM, WKCR…
1_weegee_9484_1993Weegee, B. Goodman, ca. 1956

2_weegee_9490_1993Weegee, [Benny Goodman], ca. 1956

3_weegee_9495_1993Weegee, Benny Goodman at Basin St. Night Club, ca. 1956

4_weegee_3655_1993Weegee, [Benny Goodman], ca. 1956

5_weegee_3657_1993Weegee, The Benny Goodman Quartet, ca. 1956

6_weegee_3679_1993Weegee, B. Goodman, ca. 1956

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