“Camera Tells Graphic Story of Spectacular Destruction of Giant Hindenburg”

Sam Shere, Crash of the Hindenberg, May 6, 1937

The New York Times
, May 9, 1937

The New York Times
, May 9, 1937

Albany Evening News
, May 7, 1937

Albany Evening News
, May 7, 1937

John Heartfield, VI, May 19, 1937

“The World’s Greatest Airship Meets Disaster at the End of First North Atlantic Crossing of the Year.”

On May 6, 1937, the airship Hindenburg exploded in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

A silent (newsreel) video can be seen here.
Another (newsreel and radio composite) video can be seen and heard here.
Audio (36 minutes!) can be heard here.
A page from the National Archives.

“The Metal Skeleton of the Enormous Craft Melts to Scrap in the Intense Heat of the Conflagration.”

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