Women of the Photo League


Berenice Abbott, Church of God, December 8, 1936


Vivian Cherry, Game of Lynching IV, 1948


Helen Levitt, New York, July 1939


Sandra Weiner, [Boy in chair on sidewalk], 1940s


Lisette Model, At Sammy’s, New York, 1940


Lee Sievan, Third Avenue at 35th Street, 1940s

One of the most influential organizations dedicated to the teaching and exhibition of photography in the twentieth century, the Photo League advocated a politically committed documentary practice focused on the working class. While this New York-based collective had both male and female members, it was the men who produced the better known projects, including Aaron Siskind’s Harlem Document (1932–40) and Walter Rosenblum’s Pitt Street (1938). A current exhibition at Higher Pictures focuses on the overlooked work of the women of the Photo League including Berenice Abbott, Vivian Cherry, Helen Levitt, Lisette Model, Lee Sievan, and Sandra Weiner. The images above are from photographers in the exhibition and are part ICP’s Permanent Collection.


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Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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1 Response to Women of the Photo League

  1. Thank you for publishing Sandra Weiner’s photographs. We were briefly in each others lives and I am forever grateful for having the privilege of knowing her.

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