re: evolution

Julia Margaret Cameron, Charles Darwin, July – August, 1868

Gary Brotmeyer, Lucy, 1987

Lee Sievan, Class in Cultural Anthropology at Hunter College, 1940s

Weegee, Darwin – Ted Jonas, ca. 1960

Weegee, “Hypo” My Assistant, ca. 1950

Weegee, [Showgirl Sherry Britton Reading Apes, Men and Morons], ca. 1944

Charles Darwin, born Feb. 12, 1809,
the same day as Abraham Lincoln,
his collected works are on-line,
died April 19, eight days before Ralph Waldo Emerson,
the same year as Mary Todd Lincoln, 1882…

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  1. Sayles says:

    Wow very nice. Not quite what i expected, it was better! keep them coming!

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