Kim Soo-nam


Kim, Soo-Nam, 1947-2006. Gangneung Dano Festival [Kang-Reung-Dan-Oh-Je] / photographs by Kim Soo-nam ; essays by Hwang Ru-shi Seoul : Noonbit, 2007.

Kim Soo-nam, a press photographer by profession, dedicated over thirty years of his career to documenting the remaining Shamanistic rituals throughout Asia until his death in 2006. Koreans call their practice of Shamanism Musok or “The Wellspring of Life,” and the rituals seen in this book are evidence that the souls of their ancestors are still actively consulted.

Kim Soo-nam’s family foundation has generously donated copies of his published works to the ICP Library after one of our alumni, Minjung “Minny” Lee, brought them to our attention. As with many of our international holdings, Kim, Soo-Nam, 1947-2006 is the only copy available in any US library.

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