Staying Cool

In the heat of the summer people find lots of ways to stay cool…

mili_gjon_7_1998Gjon Mili, [Fashion advertisement for Saks Fifth Avenue], ca. 1946 (7.1998)


Lou Bernstein, N.Y. City, 1977 (27.1992)

munkacsi_martin_2007_110__0425Martin Munkacsi, [Women on swings], 1928 (2007.110.425)

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Beauty of the Boneyards

Folklore, movies, music, and literature often simplify cemeteries as creepy and sinister “boneyards;” places the living should avoid. A visit to one can certainly invoke an ominous feeling but cemeteries can embody so much more. Many of these sacred places are rich with history, skilled artistry, and nature. They can also be the setting for beautiful photographs.

riboud_marc_61_1975Marc Riboud, Cemetery, Fez, Morocco, 1971 (61.1975)

takagi_madoka_2011_71_57Madoka Takagi, 153rd St. BW RSD/B’way, Trinity Cemetery, 1990 (2011.71.57)

iturbide_graciela_119_1995Graciela Iturbide, The Cemetery, 1988 (119.1995)

figueroa_jose_2011_37_19José A. Figueroa, Diana y Navarro, Boda En el cementerio, La Habana (Diana Navarro, Wedding Cemetery, Havana),  1968 (printed 2011), (2011.37.19)

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Peace from Nagasaki


Atom-Bombed Nagasaki, 1945-ca. 1949 (recto)


Atom-Bombed Nagasaki, 1945-ca. 1949 (verso)

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The Beach Awaits

August is here, which means there is only a month left of summer. Time to get to the beach!

erwitt_elliott_20_1983Elliott Erwitt, Waves, Brighton, 1956 (20.1983)

erwitt_elliott_332_1981Elliott Erwitt, Beach Group, Sylt, West Germany, 1968 (332.1981)

erwitt_elliott_650_1986Elliott Erwitt, Amagansett, New York, 1969 (650.1986)

erwitt_elliott_2007_4_1_cropElliott Erwitt, Long Island, New York, 1962 (2007.4.1)

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Girl Ascending

Photographer Melissa Ann Pinney (b. 1953) has been exploring the construction of female identity for almost thirty years.  Initially, her photographs focused mainly on adult women.  But after the birth of her daughter Emma, girlhood became the central theme of her work.


Melissa Ann Pinney, Real Live Barbies at Target, 1998 (2012.77.5)

In her book Regarding Emma: Photographs of American Women & Girls (2003), Pinney captures what it means to be a girl and how girls are trained to become women. Ideas about femininity are communicated through popular culture and through mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts. Indeed, much of Pinney’s work is concerned with the relationships between girls and the older generations of women who guide them.

pinney_melissa_ann_2012_77_6.jpgMelissa Ann Pinney, Flowergirl with her Mother and Grandmother, 1991 (2012.77.6)

pinney_TL_2011_76.jpgMelissa Ann Pinney, Emma and her Godmother, Karen, 2006 (T.L.2011.76)

A continuation of Regarding Emma, Pinney’s book Girl Ascending (2011) features young women aged nine to sixteen as they navigate adolescence, form friendships, and struggle to fit in. An undercurrent of spirituality runs through through the photographs. Shaped by her Catholic upbringing and the imagery of the Virgin Mary, Pinney’s work reflects an interest in moments of wonder, epiphany, and self-reflection.

pinney_TL_2011_79.jpgMelissa Ann Pinney, Lake Michigan, August, 2009 (T.L.2011.79)

An avid reader, Pinney has also been influenced by the stories of women in Lives of the Saints and the novel Little Women. In an interview for the Chicago Tribune she said, “I certainly see the tomboy high spirits of Jo March in these pictures.” The tension between real and ideal, energy and etiquette is an important underlying theme in her work.

pinney_TL_2011_74.jpgMelissa Ann Pinney, Emma at Ten, 2005 (T.L.2011.74)

Intimate and enchanting, Pinney’s photographs reveal the nuanced complexity of female identity.

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Little Golden Hamburger Tree

uelsmann_jerry_516_1994Jerry Uelsmann, Little Golden Hamburger Tree, 1970 (516.1994)

Since the 1960s, Jerry Uelsmann has been combining multiple negatives in the darkroom to create surrealistic photographs. His photographs vary in content and subject matter, though a number of motifs can be found. Uelsmann often uses hands, clouds, trees, water, and the human figure. A hamburger, however, can only be found in one of his montages, Little Golden Hamburger Tree, a photograph that assures his admirers that despite his enormous skill and profound artistic vision, Uelsmann doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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Welcome to the World, Prince George!

Prince George Alexander Louis, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was born at 4:24 PM on July 22, 2013–and he’s already had his first photo op. In honor of the prince’s birth, here are a few images from ICP’s collection of the much-photographed British royal family.

vu_2011_7_214_01Vu, June 22, 1938 (2011.7.214)

This edition of the French periodical Vu, titled “Tribute to England,” features King George VI (1895-1952) with his wife Queen Elizabeth (1900-2002) and daughter Elizabeth (b. 1926).  The younger Elizabeth would later be crowned Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.

mydans_carl_214_2005Carl Mydans, Princess Margaret Arrives in London, 1955 (214.2005)

In this photograph, Princess Margaret (1930-2002), the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, is greeted as she disembarks from a train in London. A crowd has gathered in hopes of catching a glimpse of the princess.

capa_cornell_146_1994Cornell Capa, [Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, New York], 1957 (146.1994)

In 1947, Elizabeth married Prince Philip (b. 1921), with whom she had begun corresponding at age thirteen. The first of their four children is Prince Charles (b. 1948), the heir apparent to the British throne.

beaton_cecil_1824_2005Cecil Beaton, [Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne looking at Prince Andrew in bassinet], 1960 (1824.2005)

Elizabeth and Philip have three more children, Princess Anne (b. 1950), Prince Andrew (b. 1960), and Prince Edward (b. 1964). In the photograph above, the proud parents and older siblings pose with newborn Andrew.

karsh_yousuf_1987_1413Yousuf Karsh, [Queen Elizabeth II], 1984 (1987.1413)

Queen Elizabeth II has eight grandchildren and, with the birth of Prince George, three great-grandchildren. George is third in the line of succession after his grandfather Prince Charles and father Prince William. (Here is a helpful family tree.)

Welcome to the world, Prince George!

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